Create a problem-free workplace

Quainted is fast and simple employee engagement software for companies

Employee engagement is more than identifying and reporting problems. It's about fixing those problems.


Efficient problem identification

Teams identify problems fast and anonymously using yes / no answers.

Our algorithm prioritises questions ensuring problems are identified quickly.

Problems are identified in real time and not after a campaign is finished.

No setup required - we have a library of easy to understand questions.


Effectively assign responsibility

Employees decide who best to entrust a problem with.

Our algorithm considers trust, experience and capacity when assigning a problem.

Bottlenecks are prevented by assigning problems to various employees (and not just HR or senior management)


Teamwork the solution

Teams are guided through the problem solving process.

The size, frequency and impact of each problem is defined.

Possible solutions are discussed anonymously.

Possible solutions are validated by up and down voting.

Teams implement their own solutions.

Start solving your problems

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