Happy employees, healthy bottom line

Simple, anonymous problem resolution to improve employee engagement

Why Quainted

sad employee

Problems eat productivity for breakfast

Productivity suffers when you have personal or work related problems. When your productivity suffers, your team and the company suffers.

confused employee

Solving problems is a problem

Either you do not know how to solve it, feel isolated, fear exposure, or you don’t know who to entrust with your problem.

confused employee

We solve problems

We help you regain your productivity, allowing you to be your best at work! When you are happy, the company gains.

How it works


Identify the problem

Quainted allows your teams to works together to identify problems, anonymously, fast and reliable.


Identify the hero

Let the teams decide who best to entrust with a problem.


Resolve the problem

Anonymously discuss options available to resolve the problems. See what solutions worked elsewhere.


Making it stick

Once a problem is solved, your team will frequently be asked if the problems is still solved. Make sure your changes are sustainable.

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