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We admire leaders and managers who are willing to not only solicit feedback from their team, but who are also willing to do so anonymously because it can be very intimidating to receive a flood of anonymous suggestions. To protect anonymity, we take the following measures at Quainted:

  1. Answers are always anonymous. The administrator(s) can never see who submitted which answer
  2. Conversations are always anonymous as well. The administrator(s) can never see who submitted which message.
  3. The administrator(s) can't see who did and who did not respond to a question or message. They are only able to see the aggregate user response, like 47 out of 62 responded to this answer.
  4. We don't reveal any results until at least five answers have been collected. If an organization has fewer than 5 users, we will instead reveal results only once everyone has responded.
  5. If an organization has fewer than five users, we show an informational alert to let respondents know that it is more difficult to protect anonymity with smaller teams.
  6. If an organization uses our segmentation feature, we withhold the results of each segment until at least five responses have been collected for that segment. If there is ever less than five responses for a segment then we roll the results into the all responses group.
  7. We stand behind our commitment to anonymity and we'd rather retire an account than breach anonymity. At the same time, Quainted is not a venue for death threats, bomb threats, terror threats, harassment, or any other criminal or abusive comments. If a conversation or message falls under any of these categories, we will review the messages on a case-by-case basis and may reveal the identity of the commenter and / or remove them from active participation in Quainted.

We do take anonymity very seriously and have implemented suggestions from both employers and employees to further enhance our current approach. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about how Quainted protects anonymity, please contact us directly at feedback@quainted.com.

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